Zombie TypesEdit

There is a large variety of zombies in the Zombie Shooter games. Most of them are splattered with blood. This is an uncompleted list. The descriptions are all from me playing the game and witnessing them.

Zombie Shooter 1 -

Basic Zombies:

These are the zombies that are there from the very start. They have low speed, moderate damage and moderate health. Different basic zombies hardly vary in any statistics. These zombies are the former scientists who worked in the labs and later became infected. Sometimes if enough bullets are shot at them, their bodies will split, revealing their skeletons. However they will be more aggressive in this state.


They are similar to basic zombies, but given their fat they have increased health.They sometimes wear black suits which is strangely clean.


Rats are also in the game from the very start. They have extremely low health and moderate damage, but are extremely fast and usually come in large groups. They are very small, so they are a bit harder to hit. These animals became infected after eating virus samples around the labs."'


Dogs are also in the game from the very start. They are very fast, have moderately low health, and do moderate damage.These were the guards' former search or security dogs who later became infected themselves for unknown reasons.'"


Guards are zombies with guns. They have high health, moderate speed and moderate damage. Unlike most zombies, they have 2 states of decay - In the first state they appear to retain their mental accuracy and are able to hold and use their guns. When their health is depleted the armors will break, showing disturbing tentacles inside the ribs of the creatures. They are extremely aggressive from that point.

Lazer Fazers:

They shoot you with lazers. They have high health, low speed, moderate damage, and fast attack speed.

Rocket launchers:

They carry a rocket launcher. They have high health, medium speed, high damage, slow attack, and long range. Be careful as their rockets are homing missiles(which mean they curve towards you).

Zombie Shooter 2 -

Basic Zombies, gluttons, rats, and guard zombies are the same.

Doctor/nurse zombies -

These zombies are stronger than the basic ones. They are slightly faster, do more damage, and have 2 states of decay. The base stage, and the kamikaze stage, where they are much faster and do a lot more damage. Just like any other zombie, they don't really have a name, but by the looks of it they are doctors or nurses. They are women.

Human bat zombies -

These zombies are similar to basic zombies, however they fly and therefore have a moderately increased speed. They are naked. They are women.